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See the above snapshot of music works & films done by the lead Artist & Sitarist of AAGNI-RudraShakti

Great people, the God gifted talents, and great are those who promote them...

Just to honor them and being a part of this wonderful category of great musicians & their promoter Mr. Ratan Chakraborty, the CEO and Founder of AAGNI and Wedent Group who always been an ambassador of Indian precious possessions around the world, and the genious Artist Asad who has performed (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWk4RFt9Kps, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWk4RFt9Kps&feature=player_embedded) many prestigious concerts over the globe with A.R. Rahman & other known artists have found another Indian Musical Group, and have come up with a unique concept of bringing a new form of music, a very new approach towards classes & masses that will provide a new identity to the miraculous cultural gift of God to India, the Indian classical music with the help of this wonderful band ... "Aagni-RudraShakti"…another name for Spiritual connection with music...

The sanctity of this musical beginning could be felt just with its name. RUDRA - the God of Dance, known as NATRAJ in India  & SHAKTI - the Goddess of everything beautiful as well as meaningful in this world. All the many Ragas of Indian music and the ABC of any rhythm couldn’t be defined more than this band name.

Shakti of Rudra & Rudra of Shakti is the most beautiful, spiritual, pure, sacred and the couple of Romance…Amazingggg!...

Music enables us to connect with the Lord, with ourselves, nature and this world. From 'Bhajans' to film songs, everything is created by music.

Can anyone imagine this world without music? Not at all.  Not even animals, not even birds, not even trees, not even air, not even water... All punch tatvas of this Nature i.e. Prakriti understands and communicate in this language of Music.

Aagni-RudraShakti is the spiritual and classical dimension of Indian Music that would enlighten millions of hearts and billions of souls with the help of Indian musical scenario.
The believers of Indian Classical Music and Dance has joined their hands for the first time with blessings of Lord Rudra and Shakti with their name just to shake the souls with the help of these seven Suras “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni”
Every Indian science is divided into its various component parts; these are called 'Angas' in Sanskrit, which means parts. Music in India is hence divided into 'Saptanga' or seven parts, which are as follows:
·  Sur-Adhaya - The part which treats of tones including semi-tones, Demi-Semi Tones, etc.
·  Taal-Adhaya - The Part which treats of time or Rhythm.
·  Raag- Adhaya - The Part which treats of tunes or melodies.
·  Ast-Adhaya - The part which treats of musical instruments, such as Vina, Sitar, Taoos, Nafiri, Baansuri, Sankh, etc, played either by the hand or mouth.
·  Nirt-Adhaya - The part which treats of dancing.
·  Bhao-Adhaya - The part which treats of action and movements in rhythm with singing and dancing.
·  Arth-adhaya - The part which treats of comprehension of tunes and times or rhythms.
The nine emotional conditions as defined by Indian scripture all are touched and sensitised by these seven surs.
·  Shringar - Erotic
·  Hasya - Humorous
·  Karuna - Pathetic
·  Rudra - Furious
·  Veera - Valorous
·  Bhayanak - Fearful
·  Beebhats - Odious
·  Adbhut - Wonderous
·  Shant - Peaceful
What is that music doesn’t do. And everything that music does you could feel with "Aagni-RudraShakti"…It’s the fire of music that cools you down..
So let’s play, feel, sense and express the rhythm of our souls through Aagni-RudraShakti and connect with God and ourselves.
Let’s devote ourselves and experience the magic and find something exclusive, classy and not routine. The Music Group for classes and the masses…Aagni-RudraShakti. The power....
Oam Namah Shivay 


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Entertainment Shows & Theme Parties

Theme Parties & Entertainment Shows can either function as a promotional event for your company or as an event purely held for fun. Either way, our event organizers can tailor make a party or show for any occasion. Every party is guaranteed to be a fusion of excitement, colour & fire in true AAGNI style! AAGNI's theme parties & Entertainment shows include but are not limited to nights of Karthak dance, Indian classical dance performances, fundraising events, promotional activities and many more...

Corporate Events & Exhibitions

AAGNI loves planning events for corporations of all sizes and all types.  Whether your corporation is an 80 people operation or a 3,000 employees strong, AAGNI can plan the event or exhibition you need.  Events may include in-house parties for employees such as Christmas parties, Diwali parties, or company picnics or it may be events to gain public recognition and interest.  Either way, AAGNI is the team all corporations can rely on when it comes to event planning and management. 

Bollywood Movie Launch & Fundraising Event

Since producing a great film costs money, what better way to catch an investor’s eye than by holding a smashing pre-production party? Let the world know what’s on your plate and make potential financiers want to be a part of it. When AAGNI helps financiers see what projects you have up your sleeve, people will want to invest.

Product Launch & Promotion

Product launch events are held for every type of product you can imagine.  When motorbike companies introduce a new model or a soft drink comes out with a new flavour, marketing specialists and public relations experts are busy planning an event to accompany the announcement.  AAGNI can arrange product brand ambassadors and make sure that all the best guests are in attendance.  We’ll arrange an amazing venue, great food and a well stocked bar to make sure this product launch is a cut above the rest.

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